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This page is intended to be informational.  The impression guidelines are just that.  Members are not expected to have a dozen uniforms and 3 or 4 weapons.  For those who have built their kit up, use what is most appropriate for the time, place, and unit portrayed.

The first known WBTS battle reenactment?

What may have been the first WBTS battle reenactment took place at Camp Tazewell, near Jeffersonville VA May 27, 1862.  That evening, the 5th Kentucky Infantry and Shawhan's Kentucky cavalry company put on a sham battle for Gen. Marshall and some townsfolk.

2018 Event Information


These events fall into one of the following categories:

they are progressive; they include a significant progressive element; we host them; or at a couple of smaller events, we provide the significant progressive element.


Primary Events:

February 16-18             Battle of Olustee FL

Type: Large reenactment

Event website:

Registration: No fee is listed by the event.  Email your address to the orderly by Jan. 20 if you are participating so the online unit application can be sent.

Historical Framework: Battle, Feb. 20, 1864

Portrayal: Company D, 28th Georgia Battalion Artillery (serving as infantry)

Confederate Relatives:

1st Sgt. Benjamin Cicero Chastain - Co. H, 1st Georgia Regulars

Pvt. Finney J. Dismukes - Co. A, 32nd Georgia Infantry

Impression Guidelines:

Avoid Federal items / no Federal uniform items.  This unit did not have opportunity to capture Federal items prior to the battle.

Coat/Jacket: 1) Eastern theater jacket/coat (Charleston depot; Richmond depot); 2) Imported (Tait); 3) Documented artillery jacket; 4) Unidentified jacket/coat
Trousers: 1) CS issue; 2) Imported; 3) Civilian
Headgear: 1)  Confederate kepi; 2) Slouch hat

Shoes: 1) Confederate issue; 2) Civilian

Accoutrements: 1) CS issue–Charleston, Augusta, Magee & George, Fayetteville; 2) Imported
Haversack: 1) Confederate issue; 2) Civilian
Canteen: 1) Wooden; 2) Tin drum; 3) Smoothside/bulls eye
Knapsack: 1) Confederate issue–single bag, Augusta, Mexican War); 2) Mule collar bed roll; 3) Imported
Weapon: 1) Enfield; 2) Lorenz; 3) Fayetteville; 4) 1861 Springfield


April 6-8                           Shiloh Confederate Living History

Type: Authentic living history, hosted by the Independent Rifles


Registration: TBD by the event.  Cap of 75 participants.

Historical Framework: Major battle, April 6-7, 1862

Portrayal: TBD by the event

Confederate Relatives:

Brig. Gen. A. W. Campbell (then Colonel, 33rd Tennessee Infantry)

Pvt. Thomas Byrd, Co. B, 20th Tennessee Infantry

Impression Requirements: TBD by the event



August 25-26                                Richmond KY

Type: Mainstream event.  We are the progressive presence.

Event website:

Registration: $10.  Register online at their website, or print the form on the event website and take it with you to register onsite.  They always take walk-ons.

Rationale: This was one of the largest and most significant battles in Kentucky, and the most complete victory of any field battle in the war.  Fought on original battlefield.  Central location; ability to have a sizeable progressive presence.

Historical Framework: Battle (3rd largest in Kentucky), August 30, 1862, during the Heartland Offensive.

Portrayal: Info. by email

Confederate Relatives:

3rd Cpl. John B. Chastain - Co. F, 31st Arkansas Infantry, McCray's Brigade

Pvt. Edwin D. Posey - Co. B, 15th Texas Cavalry (d), McCray's Brigade

Pvt. Eli McNabb Posey - Co. B, 15th Texas Cavalry (d), McCray's Brigade

Impression Guidelines: Info. by email


September 15-16         Chickamauga GA Battlefield CS Living History

Type: Authentic living history, hosted by the WIG (primary event for the year)

Event website: TBD

Registration: $ TBD.  Register individually per the event website, in Chad Wrinn's/the Breckinridge Greys company.

Historical Framework: Major battle, September 19-20, 1863.

Known as "The great battle of the West," Chickamauga was the greatest victory of the Army of Tennessee.

Portrayal: Company G, 36th Alabama Infantry

Confederate Relatives:

Pvt. James A. Benson - Co. A, 38th Alabama Infantry

Pvt. Edward Chastain - Co. K, 39th North Carolina Infantry (w)

Impression Guidelines: See the event website.


October 6-7                    Perryville KY

Type: Progressive event with an emphasis on public involvement & education

Battlefield website:; includes extensive background information.

Rationale: This was the largest, most significant campaign & battle in Kentucky, commemorated on the actual ground of one of the best preserved battlefields in the nation.  The event will include heavy emphasis on quality living history programs for participants and the public, along with battlefield scenarios.

Registration: TBD

Unit Portrayed: TBA

Historical Framework: Major battle (the largest in Kentucky), October 8, 1862

Confederate Relatives:

Pvt. Columbus P. Chastain - Co. C, 41st Georgia Infantry (age 14; mw)

Pvt. William H. Dismukes - Co. D, 45th Alabama Infantry

Pvt. Bennett B. Posey - Co. B, 37th Tennessee Infantry

Impression Guidelines: See the event website


Other Events:

May 31- June 3             Cynthiana KY

Type: Mainstream event.  This will be at least battalion size, and we will be working with the TVB.

Event website:

Registration: TBD

Unit Portrayed: Info. by email

Historical Framework: Battle (5th largest in Kentucky), June 11-12, 1864

Confederate Relatives:

Impression Guidelines: Info. by email


July 6-8                             155th Battle of Gettysburg

Type: Campaigner adjunct within a national event

Event website:

Information about the campaigner adjunct can be found at

Registration: TBD

Unit Portrayed: 21st Mississippi Infantry

Historical Framework: Major battle, July 1-3, 1863

This campaigner sdjunct, "The Grandest Charge Ever Made By Mortal Men: Barksdale's Mississippians at Gettysburg", will focus on the Mississippi brigade of McLaw's Division, I Corps ANV.

Confederate Relative:

Pvt. Millard Chadwell, Co. G, 1st Tennessee Infantry (Turney's)

Impression Requirements: See the campaigner adjunct website


November 2-4              Averell’s Advance (Battle of Droop Mountain; Hillsboro WV)

Type: Full immersion event

Event website:

Registration: Register per instructions on the event website.  $30 through June 1 (includes rations); $35 after June 1.  CS participation is limited to 125.

Unit Portrayed: Portrayals include 22d Virginia Infantry, 23rd Battalion Virginia Infantry

Historical Framework: Battle, November 6, 1863

See background information on the event website.

Impression Guidelines: See the event website.